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DATAVEO offers you with a quality rental service in a quick timely manner and at a rate that defies any competition. Here below are our barcode equipment (terminals, scanner heads…) and cashing equipment (TPV, TPE, printers) rental solutions.





  • Tested and cleaned device
  •  Rental period: 1 week
  • Comfort: Equipment delivered 4 days before  the inventory period
  •  Device without software (ready to be configurized)
Don't you have a software? click here

+ Quick delivery : as soon as 48h

+ Better price/quality ratio

+ Real time traceability of your  order



"Ready to go"

  • Tested and cleaned device
  • Rental period: 1 week
  • Comfort: Equipment delivered 4 days before  the inventory period
  • Device programmed with your software*
  • Possibility of "preloading " the batteries

+ Quick delivery : 7 business days

+ Serenity

+ Free shipping **






  • Tested and cleaned device
  • Device delivered with or without software*
  • Possibility of "preloading " the batteries
  • Rental period: 3 weeks to 1 year
  • Terminals return management (collecting)


+ Reactivity and service:  Hotline, in case of breakdown immediate solution

+ Savings: cost/machine Is less expensive 

+ Ideal solution:   serenity, no maintenance costs


* For any order placed before 12pm
** Software to be provided by the customer
*** Order of 700 euro HT and up


After more than 10 years of inventory management for large companies, DATAVEO knows how to handle the demand in terms inventory management and possesses a real expertise in the field. 
Rental : An economic solution

DATAVEO offers you with advantageous turnkey solutions for your inventory periods. The renting is very advantageous for all stores or warehouses that have a specific need for equipment (for example 1 to 3 inventories a year). Thanks to this formula, you don't need to store your devices and spend on additional costs for their maintenance!

Rental : A great availability

A stock of more than 20,000 products is exclusively dedicated to renting and is made of  brands leaders such as Motorola-Symbol, Intermec, Datalogic , Denso, Casio, Opticon, Honeywell, Telxon and Datamax and many more. 

To find out more details on our products click HERE.

Rental : Flexibility and serenity

Our consultants will effectively advise you on how to plan your needs and how to find you advantageous solutions. The team of technicians, distributed all over France, is also available at your door in case of problem during the put in practice period. 


Rental : Your DATAVEO advantages

-          Technicians availability: dedicated Hotline and intervention on the spot (upon request)

-          Reliable products: quality commitment  and preliminary tests

                 v    Cost and commitment free testing of our equipment

                 v    Equipment delivery within 48H

                 v    Handing-over of your devices 5 days before your inventory: For you to test them beforehand 

-          Adapted software available upon request

-      Complete custom-tailored solutions: many accessories (batteries, cradles…)  at advantageous prices

-          Real time traceability of your order

-          Flexibility: Short or long-term rental



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