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 Histoire du code-barres THE CONNECTORS


How to choose your barcode equipment connector?

How to clear or unload data to a computer?


There are 3 main connectors to connect the barcode readers to a computer:

USB (Universal Serial Bus) :


USB is the simplest and most widely used connector. Simply connect barcode readers to your computer through a USB port. This allows you to both download information from your barcode readers into your computer and charge it. Thus, the two functions connectivity allows you to use your bar code reader without a power supply.



The Wedge connector allows a barcode reader keyboard to communicate with a USB port. In fact, when you scan a barcode, your PC reacts the same way as keyboard input. It allows you to use simultaneously your player and your keyboard.


RS 232 :


The RS232 connector is the first that has been developed. Unlike the other two connectors previously developed, power supply is required. Indeed, even if the barcode reader is connected to your computer via a cable, it can in no case be recharged.

The cable plugs into the RS-232 port of your PC. This older kind of connector sometimes requires installing software or configuring the PC and the drive itself.


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