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 Histoire du code-barres THE BARCODE HISTORY
   What are barcodes?

  What are barcodes?

A barcode represents the graph of a digital data (1D barcode) or alphanumeric (2D barcode) coding. It consists of a sequence of several bars and spaces whose thicknesses vary depending on the type of code. Reading a bar code is a linear laser beam through an optical drive (fixed scanners, PDAs, handhelds, embedded devices ...).

The resulting combination is transcribed in figures on barcode terminals or PCs. This number is the product reference that is especially associated with information such as the origin, the reference type and the producer.

Barcodes are nowadays the solution for the automatic identification of the data used to enter more information.


TO KNOW: The barcode data only represent a reference number, ie a "product code» that PCs or servers use to retrieve information associated with it.


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